Halloween “Treats” May Really be “Tricks”

Halloween Treats Bowling Green KYYou have all heard about the damage that sugar and certain “sticky” candies can do to your teeth and your braces when undergoing orthodontic treatment. Well, our Team at Drobocky Orthodontics wants to remind all of our patients and future patients about the dangers one more time. We know Halloween is supposed to be a fun time of year for kids of all ages… but it can turn into a “nightmare” of damaged braces for kids and parents if the wrong types of treats are consumed. Not only the discomfort involved as a result of broken wires and brackets but also the inconvenience of coming office for an extra visit with your busy school and/or work schedules.

Here at Drobocky Orthodontics in Bowling Green, Franklin and Glasgow KY, we love Halloween but we also have a responsibility to increase the awareness of potential damage certain candies can cause if patients are not careful about which treats to eat. Click here to download a Do’s and Don’ts Treat List offered by the American Association of Orthodontists. As a reminder, print it off and post in on your refrigerator for all to see.Read More

Adults Are Getting it Straight at Drobocky Orthodontics

Many adults live with a crooked smile because their parents couldn’t afford orthodontic treatment years ago or they had braces but didn’t wear their retainer. Feeling a bit guilty? Don’t worry, we don’t judge, we just want to help!

Adults who are unhappy with their smile can be self-conscious, leading to discomfort with social situations or impacting confidence at work. It’s a shame because there is new orthodontic technology available today that allows adults to undergo treatment discreetly and conveniently.  The leading-edge treatment for adults is Invisalign: the clear alternative to traditional metal braces. This revolutionary technique can not only significantly reduce treatment time but also allow you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted… without metal braces.

Invisalign is a clear plastic dental appliance that offers a patient an alternative to traditional braces. Dr. Drobocky takes a digital scan of the patient’s teeth creating a 3D image that’s used to create a set of aligners made from a clear material worn by the patient 20 to 22 hours every day (they should only be taken out to eat and brush). Each aligner is configured to slightly adjust the teeth according to a predetermined plan mapped out by Dr. Drobocky.

You, your child or your teen will be in good hands with Dr. Oles Drobocky. He is the most experienced orthodontist in South Central Kentucky and uses the most advanced technology available to ensure a positive experience and a beautiful smile for all of his patients, including Invisalign. Dr. Drobocky has completed the Master Series with Invisalign, giving him the most training and best understanding and knowledge of using the technology to design a smile that is individual for each patient. He also specialized in treating teenagers using Invisalign Teen. Like Invisalign, it’s a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth without the restrictions that come with metal braces, and it’s specifically designed for teens.

At Drobocky Orthodontics, we make orthodontic treatment affordable by offering multiple payment options including full payment discounts, no-interest payment program, family discounts, and we accept direct payment from most insurance carriers.

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October is Orthodontic Health Month

Orthodontic Health MonthDid you know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? Dr. Oles Drobocky and our Team at Drobocky Orthodontics want you to join us in celebrating the power of a smile during October.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, no matter what your age 12, 16 or 60! A perfect smile is one of your best and lifelong assets. Whether you are meeting new friends or interviewing for a job, a smile is important to building both personal and business relationships. It is a well-known fact that straight teeth and a great smile build self-esteem, confidence, and influences how you present yourself to the world. Orthodontic treatment is an investment in the future. Read More

Wisdom Teeth – Removal

Wisdom teeth Bowling Green KYLately, the latest trend amongst trending topics has been celebrities keeping their Instagram followers up-to-date on their dental health. This includes top A-listers like Paris Hilton, Lily Allen, and Emile Hirsch. Even Ariana Grande has gotten in on the act. Recently, Grande gave social media users a front row seat to the removal of her last three wisdom teeth.

While we don’t know if this will continue, we feel it’s a good opportunity to share with you why the extraction of your wisdom teeth can be so important for you.Read More