Drobocky Orthodontics Staff Olivia

Clinical Assistant

A Fun Fact:  I have a chapstick obsession and haven’t gone a day without it (and I don’t want to!)  I always have it with me wherever I go and if it’s not in my pocket, it’s close by.

Hobbies and Interest:  Cake baking and decorating! It’s a fun hobby to have, let me be creative, and makes people happy! Plus, who doesn’t love a little cake?! Being a  mommy pretty much consumes my hobbies and interests (that and having a very active and mischievous lab puppy).

What do you enjoy most about your job?  Not only getting to know the patients but becoming a part of their journey to a beautiful smile.  Seeing how happy and how confident they are when their braces come off and thinking “that’s it, that’s why we do what we do!”  It’s a great feeling knowing we have changed their life for the better!