New Franklin office and awesome new pick up program

Our new Franklin office is up and running at 324 South Main! We are very excited to continue to be part of the Franklin community. If you haven’t gotten a

Peak Inside Drobocky Orthodontics Bowling Green KY
Here is a peak inside!

chance to see the new office yet check out a small look at the inside here
Along with this new office is a great new pick up and drop off program that we are able to do because of our new location. We have been approved by the Simpson County School Board to pick up and drop off our middle and high school patients for their appointments.
We are so excited to be able to offer this to our patients in Franklin, however there is just one thing you need to do for use to be able to pick up your child. Just add us to your approved pick up list, list us as Drobocky Orthodontics- Rachel Fairchild. Rachel is our marketing coordinator and will be the one to pick up and take your children back to school for their appointments.
Have any questions or concerns? Call us today at 1-270-843-8556!