Even Celebrities Embrace Wearing Braces

Drobocky Orthodontics wants you to know that braces aren’t just for kids. Even celebrities enjoy the benefits that #orthodontic treatment can offer and embrace traditional braces rather than invisible braces to correct their problems. Not every patient is a candidate for #Invisalign or braces behind the teeth. Below are a few recognizable names who have chosen show off their treatment, even though they are in the spotlight.
#Katy Perry – recording artist and pop idol Katy Perry chose #metal braces and smiles proudly during photo shoots and performances.
Faith Hill – 45-year-old country superstar Faith Hill was first seen wearing #ceramic braces on the red carpet. She says “I had braces as a kid and I forgot to wear my retainer.” Tooth colored composite brackets minimize the appearance of her treatment and are less noticeable than metal brackets.
Tom Cruise – Cruise was also a fan of the tooth colored ceramic brackets. After turning 40, Cruise wore braces to correct misalignment issues when he smiles.
Gwen Stefani – Pop star and fashion diva Gwen Stefani decided to improve her smile once her band “No Doubt” hit it big. She says that she always wanted straight teeth as a child, but wasn’t able to afford them.
Wearing braces is temporary. The end result is a beautiful smile that changes the way your teeth look and function. These celebrities are all in the spotlight non-stop. Way to go for not letting the thought of braces getting in the way of a healthy smile! Contact our office for a free initial exam.